Ferrari 488 Spider 2018
in Miami

$1100 / Day
Deposit: $500
Includes: 100 miles per day, then – 3$/mile.
Transmission: 7-speed robotic
Number of seats: 2
Engine: 3.9 L V8
Acceleration: 0-60 mph in 3.0 sec.
MSRP: $422,000
Horse power: 670
Sports car Ferrari 488 Spider was released in 2008. The model 488 was introduced as a replacement for Italia 458 but with several significant differences such as changes to the chassis. In total car consists of 80% of new parts. It has a record coefficient of effective aerodynamic action (1.67) among all road Ferrari. The 7-speed gearbox has been upgraded and is 35% more efficient than the Italia 458. The same technologies were used as in the development LaFerrari. This is a very fast Ferrari and it is one of the most expensive among our cars.

Rent Ferrari 488 SPIDER 2018

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